Which Ethereum-alternative blockchain projects can handle the most transactions per second?

After Bitcoin, if there is a technology in the tech community it is Ethereum. This cryptocurrency not only gained popularity next to Bitcoin, but it also provides the platform for decentralized application development and smart contracts. Also, what made Ethereum become popular is its consensus mechanism which will be Proof of Stake rather than Proof of Work as in the case of Bitcoin. But, an important question that pops up here is there is an alternative to Ethereum. Let’s understand what some other platforms posing a competition to Ethereum are.

The best alternative to Ethereum

1. Free Ton- It is a high-performance and scalable Blockchain platform that supports millions of transactions per second. It runs on different Blockchains and speeds up millions of transactions granting it scalability. Decentralized Autonomous Organization supports free Ton. Ton Crystal is the currency of Free Ton. The transaction fee is less than $.01. It makes use of Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms, which is an energy-efficient and environment-friendly option.

2. Polkadot- It is a multi-chain system that joins various Blockchain networks together. It provides an easy-to-use framework, which enables the developers to develop decentralized applications easily. Its cryptocurrency is known as DOT. Besides the monetary value, it also allows the holders to vote on potential code changes. It hosts its own decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, Polkastarter.

3. Cosmos- You can say that Cosmos is the internet of Blockchains, thus allowing several systems to work together. It streamlines the model, thus allowing the developers to create Blockchain in a shorter time. The creators of Cosmos used an Ethereum clone called Etehrmind. It supports smart contracts and dapps and is also compatible with the original Ethereum.

4. EOS- It was launched in 2019 as a competitor of Ethereum. It is amongst the top 20 valuable cryptocurrencies. Its operating system is EOS.IO, which controls and manages smart contracts and decentralized applications. To use the EOS network, the developer must hold EOS Tokens. It supports 10,000 to 100,000 transactions per second and hence is suitable for larger business platforms.

5. Cardano- This platform was developed for speed and scalability. It was developed by IOHK, Cardano Foundation, and EMURGO. It has been used for developing various applications for the banking, finance, supply chain, and education sector. ADA is its cryptocurrency and is supported by a proof of stake consensus mechanism which is amongst the top 20 valuable cryptocurrencies.

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Hey, This is Pallav Raj an independentTechnology writer by Passion. Worked at Microsoft, Puma, Nike as a Copywriter and Content manager.

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Hey, This is Pallav Raj an independentTechnology writer by Passion. Worked at Microsoft, Puma, Nike as a Copywriter and Content manager.

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