What is the future of the Pi network? Will it be beneficial?

Even before its launch, the Pi network is driving notoriety to itself among the crypto community. Since 2018 the project has been in the development phase, and it is running in its testing mode. However, many experts are making predictions about the Pi network once it goes live. In fact, the cryptocurrency expert advisor says that Pi can build assets from the ground up and bring profits. On the other hand, some say that Pi is more likely to be an MLM scam. However, the discussion will go on until Pi actually partakes in cryptocurrency trading.

But for now, all we can do is learn about the network as per available data. Hence we can come to a temporary conclusion by accessing the Pi functionality. Further, interested investors can check whether Pi is a good investment or not.

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Let us start with our Topic:

Table of contents

  • What do you mean by Pi network?
  • How does the Pi network work, and how do users earn money through it?
  • What is the future prediction of the network?
  • Closing Thoughts

What do you mean by Pi network?

Pi is a new name among the cryptocurrencies across the world. It is a cryptocurrency that regular people can mine using their smartphones. As per crypto auditor, cryptocurrencies are digital money that does not need a government to regulate themselves. Also, no bank or financial institution backs their fundings.

The Pi network works a little differently than the other cryptocurrency networks. Here, users need to secure the currency in order to mine coins. In addition to this, they also need to grow their network by referring it to others.

Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are hard to manage by regular people. But in the Pi network, users are the main drivers of the crypto coin market.

How does the Pi network work, and how do users earn money through it?

Pi network maintains an app that is easy to use for anyone. Further, using the app, users make contributions to the community and earn Pi coins. Users need to check into the app every 24 hours and tab on the lightning option to mine a coin. When you are mining, you can increase your hourly rate by making your contacts join the network.

Further users need to mine continuously for three days. Additionally, joining others in the community boosts their earnings. New users that join through a network member form a security circle for one another. The bigger the circle, the more contribution a user gives to the Pi network. Also, we must note that early members mine at a better rate in contrast to later joinees.

What is the future prediction of the network?

In comparison to other digital coin launches experts predict that Pi cryptocurrency will have lower value against the US Dollar. However, they also say that the Pi network has full potential to grow once its adoption rises.

Here are some price predictions for Pi cryptocurrency:

  • As per an estimate from CoinDataFlow dating to 3 August 2021, the Pi value was between 1.32–1.35 dollars. Further, this data indicates that the Pi value can potentially rise to 1.48 Dollars by 2025. However, it is possible if Pi grows at the rate of 1% against the average yearly Bitcoin value. Additionally, if it gets to a rate of 100% growth against past Bitcoin annual price growth, it will reach $224.89.
  • There is another price prediction data for Pi networks by DigitalCoin. It states that Pi coins can see a rise from $0.0107 to $0.0127 between the years 2021 to 2022. Other estimates say that by 2025 it can even reach a price of $0.0212.

Moreover, in the long term, by 2028, we can see a value rise of $0.0319. Surprisingly DigitalCoin erased all the price prediction information on March 19.

  • The Walletlnvestor, an algorithm-based prediction service, estimates a price of 0.0132. Also, it predicts a downfall of $0.00743. However, this site too removed their forecasting about Pi coins.
  • The bulls of the Pi network can reach $1 value within the cryptocurrency trading industry if Pi launches by Dec of 2021. This data is from Changelly; the platform uses the number of exchanges and current Pi users to pull out these estimates.

Further, it predicts that Pi coin price has the potential to rise up to $5 by 2025.

Closing Thoughts

The authenticity of the Pi network and how beneficial it can be for users can only be seen after its launch. However, as per predictions by multiple exchange platforms Pi seems to have a bright future. Also, you must do thorough research before investing.

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Hey, This is Pallav Raj an independentTechnology writer by Passion. Worked at Microsoft, Puma, Nike as a Copywriter and Content manager.

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Hey, This is Pallav Raj an independentTechnology writer by Passion. Worked at Microsoft, Puma, Nike as a Copywriter and Content manager.

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