What’s the difference between Ripple and LTC?

If you are a cryptocurrency trader or someone who is looking for cryptocurrency investment, it is important to know about the various cryptocurrency in the market. Although most of us associate cryptocurrency with Bitcoin, many other digital currencies have spurred a new wave of change in the market. In this blog, we are going to talk about Ripple and LTC or Litecoin.

Well, the purpose of both Ripple and LTC is to aid the transaction. Ripple was created to ensure secured cross-border transactions by providing a cost-effective and time-saving platform. Litecoin is an open-source system that works on a Scrypt algorithm. When compared to Ripple, Litecoin focuses on peer-to-peer transactions.

Understanding the difference between Litecoin and Ripple



It was founded by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb in 2012.

It was founded by Charles Lee in 2011

When it comes to the use cases of Ripple, then its prime focus is to aid offshore transactions, thus become important for big firms and business institutions.

Litecoin is also used for the transaction, but its prime use is to support daily transactions. It also supports international transactions.

Coming to the ranking, Ripple presently ranks 3rd.

Litecoin, on the other hand, ranks 5th.

Maintaining Ripple is easier

For Lietcoin, the overall processing and maintenance is high

The growth prospects of Ripple is limited since it is only used for the transaction.

Litecoin has multiple functions, and hence it has better future prospects.

Ripple has a market cap of 4%

Litecoin has a market cap of 3%

Ceiling amount- Ripple has 100 billion units

It has 84 million units

Ripple ensures faster transactions. The transaction time is 4fsecondsnds

The transaction time for Litecoin is 2.5 minutes.

Its hashing algorithm is RSPCA (Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm).

In this case, the hashing algorithm is Scrypt

Summary: The above table clearly highlights the difference between the two. Coming to the functionalities, Litecoin has multiple functions, and Ripple is only focused on a single task for the offshore transaction. So, based on the use, one can opt for Litecoin and Ripple. There is only a slight difference in ranking between the two. As a cryptocurrency trader, if one has to recommend the right cryptocurrency to invest in, one has to understand the difference between the two and their application; only after that can one prepare the future course of action.

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Hey, This is Pallav Raj an independentTechnology writer by Passion. Worked at Microsoft, Puma, Nike as a Copywriter and Content manager.

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Hey, This is Pallav Raj an independentTechnology writer by Passion. Worked at Microsoft, Puma, Nike as a Copywriter and Content manager.

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